[ic] IC Jobs & timed-build

Sam Batschelet sbatschelet at me.com
Wed Feb 2 22:02:26 UTC 2011

On Feb 2, 2011, at 4:32 PM, Paul Jordan wrote:

>> From: sbatschelet at mac.com
>> I am looking to generate a bunch of static search result pages using time-build. But I want [timed-build force=1 file=pages/mypage.html ] to be initiated using IC Jobs via Cron. Anything wrong with this idea? Input is appreciated.
> I suppose if visitors are not using cookies, that they could loose their session, because the generated pages won't have the session in the links (if any) on the page.
> Although, I bet you could create a results page that used a <form>, then [included] your static results into it, with thoughtfully creafted form elements.... maybe? This way, all the intesive work (query executions?) are already done - assuming that is what you are trying to avoid.

Right I think that will take a little trial and error but could be do-able.  But for now I can't seem to get the timed build to work.


Jobs <<EOJ
	base_directory	jobs
	suffix			.job
	log				var/log/cron.log
	email			sbatschelet at mac.com
	subject			Interchange results for job: %s


[timed-build force=1 file=pages/testpage.html]
Built at [time]%c[/time].

called as interchange user via interchange --quiet --runjobs=catalog_name=icjobs

nothing in cron.log or logs ?

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