[ic] Question re functionality of Interchange

Paul Jordan paul at gishnetwork.com
Wed Jan 19 16:38:43 UTC 2011

> From: sonomacats at gmail.com
> I'm trying to create a niche store where individuals can create an
> account and upload their product to the store.
> Interchange looks great, but I was unable to tell if it can do that.
> Could you let me know if that's part of it's functionality, please?
> Also, would I also need a separate cart software, or does Interchange
> include that?
> Thank you.
> J. Johnson

Not out of the box, I doubt there are many packages that would do something like that out of the box.
Interchange will do anything you can think up, so yes you can do what you want with Interchance alone but it will require an investment of your time.
It's one thing letting your client (company/ies) log in and sell their items, but allowing any ole customer to do so would call for (I would think) writing your own UI because I doubt you can showhorn customer selling into Admin.
Depending on your skill level this might not be difficult for you. I consider myself a medicore programmer compared to some of the braintrusts here, and I've written several fairly complex systems that replace Admin. 
There is an ecosystem of companies and consultants that can help you for a price. Perusion.com, Endpoint.com, and some individuals like Peter and Racke who you'll see here, to name a few.

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