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Frank Reitzenstein frank at aussievitamin.com
Sat Mar 12 19:29:47 UTC 2011


Recently I asked why LWP::UserAgent does not work from a UPS type user
tag and there were no solutions offered.

I have created a solution for the Australia Post Delivery Rate
Calculator online, with complete code and instructions under interchange
on the left at:


What I did was looped through all permutations of Country, Mode and
Weight required for practical purposes and queried the online DRC for
each. Package size was set to 10cm cubed and destination postcode 01532
for overseas.

I compounded a space delimited unique searchable key:

Country Mode Weight

Which looks like this:

country_mode_weight    charge    delivery_time
AF AIR 1000    28    10
AF AIR 2000    52.6    10
AF AIR 3000    67.5    10
AF AIR 4000    82.4    10
AF AIR 5000    97.3    10
AF AIR 6000    112.2    10
AF AIR 7000    127.1    10

The result is a much crisper checkout and no dependence on DRC being online.


Frank Reitzenstein

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