[ic] Jobs are slowing IC

Grant emailgrant at gmail.com
Fri Mar 18 17:04:07 UTC 2011

>> The number of IC jobs I need to run daily have increased to the point that
>> they're running almost all day every day.  This seems to be slowing down the
>> web server aspect of IC which is not good.  I currently have a quad-core
>> 2.1Ghz CPU and 4GB of memory and a fast HD. Would you set up another box
>> strictly for IC jobs, or pump up the hardware, or something else?  I've
>> optimized the jobs themselves about as well as I can, although I suppose
>> there is always more to be done there.
> That question is really difficult to answer in the abstract. It makes a big
> difference what those jobs are doing. Are they database-intensive? Or using
> up CPU time in Interchange? Why is it interfering with your normal ecommerce
> operations? Do the jobs always run independently of each other or do they
> sometimes overlap? Are they literally Interchange "Jobs"? Or just cron jobs
> that hit an Interchange-served URL?
> Jon

Hi Jon,

They're real IC Jobs and they're database-intensive.  I use the
default Jobs MaxServers 1 so they don't overlap.

- Grant

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