[ic] Admin Page Load Times Really Slow

IC ic at tvcables.co.uk
Wed Mar 23 21:07:27 UTC 2011

> You could try to see if it is actually the query that is slow, but I
> suspect
> that when returning to the order select screen this performs some ITL
> which
> causes the loadtime to increase with every 10-20k records added ...
> As Mike suggested/mentioned in a previous message, when the numbers become
> this big he has been customising the admin to not work as 'out of the
> box',
> by reducing the processing time of the order select screen for example.
> You probably know that there are possibilities to 'overrule' an admin page
> by placing it in your pages/admin directory having the same name as the
> page
> buried in the Interchange lib/ directory.
> CU,
> Gert

Hi Gert,

Mike's recommendation has stopped the orders loading on the order select
screen but I still get a 10 second +/- delay from hitting order update to
getting back to the order select screen.

Since using Mike's suggestion order select loads very quickly, I'm just not
sure what takes 10 seconds, I know there will be a database update and email
sent out but I wonder where the time is lost?


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