[ic] USPS shipping

Lyn St George lyn at zolotek.net
Fri Oct 28 14:37:38 UTC 2011

This is an update to the existing usps_query.tag. It now uses XML::Simple, 
accepts country codes rather than names, and returns full customs and other 
shipping information as held by USPS along with the rate. It has also updated 
the methods and other parameters which were changed by usps some time ago.

usps_update.tag will create a database of all non-US destinations (ie, those 
which have rates without the need for a postal code). It will create the 
dbconf/mysql files and add entries into shipping.asc. It can optionally update 
an existing database, either all destinations or a given list of country 

usps_track.tag will return a nicely formatted list of all tracking 

All the above need a username and password, which are obtained by registering 
for webtools with usps.com.

To be found on http://kiwi.zolotek.net

Lyn St George

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