[ic] catalog working, no admin/login, unable to checkout

Peter peter at pajamian.dhs.org
Fri Sep 2 06:57:25 UTC 2011

On 02/09/11 13:08, IC Support wrote:
> OK, I did this as user curt, from your guide:
> $ sudo yum -y install gcc gdbm-devel openssl-devel tk-devel gd-devel
> expat-devel make 
> $ cd
> $ wget http://www.cpan.org/src/perl-5.12.3.tar.gz 
> $ tar -xvzf perl-5.12.1.tar.gz 
> $ cd perl-5.12.1
> $ ./Configure -des -Dprefix=/usr/local/perl-5.12.3 
> $ make
> $ make test 
> That is as far as I got, failed 1 test. Should I be root instead?

Ok, no, this is correct (except I said to do it with 5.12.4 but it
should have worked with 5.12.3 as well and I have in fact tested that in
the past).  I honestly don't know why it failed the test for you but
I'll do some further testing and get back to you.  Maybe you have some
package installed that is enabling a feature that i don't have and that
is what's failing.

Can you tell me again which test is failing?


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