[ic] "Interchange 6"? Really?

Peter peter at pajamian.dhs.org
Thu Sep 29 04:48:53 UTC 2011

On 29/09/11 17:22, Jon Jensen wrote:
> On Thu, 29 Sep 2011, Peter wrote:
>> Also there will eventually be a clear migration path so you can move
>> your sites over to IC6.  I think that when the compatibility plugins
>> are ready it should be a little bit more difficult than upgrading from
>> an older version of IC (say IC4.8 or 5.0) to the current version.  It
>> will mean having to install any base modules for IC6 and making a few
>> "compatibility" tweaks in catalogs.  While a lot can happen between
>> now and then my personal belief is that there will be compatibility
>> plugins to support ITL, usertags, catalog and global config files,
>> actionmaps, jobs, etc.  The base goal will be to take a current
>> standard demo shop and get it to run with minimal changes on IC6, then
>> to add in any other needed compatibility.  At least that's how I see
>> things progressing.
> That is all even more highly speculative than the plans for Interchange
> 6's central features, so I would not count on any of that unless you
> know someone who wants to fund it.
> I think it's safer to plan on having Interchange 5 and 6 handling
> different parts of the URL space for a domain as a coexistence strategy,
> which is just about as good but doesn't involve lots of engineering work
> that may or may not ever happen.

Well I think things will become a lot clearer shortly as some of the
plans and speculation for the future start to turn into reality.  The
first thing we (or at least I) need to do is wait until racke releases
some of his preliminary code and see what can be done with it.  Also
when we get a simple demo shop done it will help to clarify things a lot.

To be honest I plan to be involved a lot in the compatibility plugins,
but as you say it is all highly speculative and plans can change.


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