[ic] Interchange Wikipedia article deleted

Paul Jordan paul at gishnetwork.com
Tue Dec 18 20:38:38 UTC 2012

> > Please make an effort, there needs to be someone other than me
> > advocating to keep the interchange page, and preferably a few people.
> > I know there are people here who can help, and I do think it's worth
> > the small amount of time it takes to figure out how to post in
> > support.
> I have a WP account but I haven't been able to find much to support
> notability, ie "significant coverage" in reliable sources.  I certainly
> _understand_ that IC is notable, but we'd need to find reliable sources
> have significant coverage and all I've been able to dredge up are the old
> press releases that were already mentioned.
> -Jeff

Why? Have you read many articles about a Scratch Awl, Chalk Line, a nail, or
a hammer lately? Yet these tools created things that make all this possible.
The same as IC. It's exists. It is used. 

Notability may have been a requirement back when there needed to be a
limitation on how many books could feasibly be sold to someone, but it is no
longer a requirement to have mention in a record "what was, and what is".


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