[ic] Royal Mail shipping

Phil Smith phil.smith at phil-home.com
Thu May 10 12:20:49 UTC 2012

>I'm camping on the Cornish moors where the it's all rain, hail or cloud - so my solar chargers don't work properly and my phone keeps dying. When the sun stays for long enough I will transfer a working tag plus sql dumps.

>Lyn St George

>>Subject: [ic] Royal Mail shipping 
>>These tags are for the RoyalMail in the UK. 
>>royalmail_update.tag will create a database of all available shipping methods, 
>>including tables for recorded and special delivery and for BFPO. It will also 
>>create configuration files in dbconf/mysql and add relevant entries into 
> >
>>royalmail.tag will read this database. 
> >
>>To be found on http://kiwi.zolotek.net 
> >

Hi Lyn

Did you ever get the chance to upload these tags?


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