[ic] 2 stores sharing one product database (Glenn McCalley)

Angus Rogerson arogerso at uwaterloo.ca
Fri May 25 21:07:01 UTC 2012

We use multiple catalogs running off a single mysql database....

On 2012-05-25, at 8:37 AM, Glenn McCalley wrote:

> Tom, good to know it can work.
> I don't -think- I want to link order.number in that we want to prefix the order numbers in the two versions differently so our back end can give us sales numbers on mobile vs. traditional.

We have separate numbering sequences in each catalog. The prefixes are different so there is no conflict between catalogs.

If you wanted the same numbering sequence across multiple catalogs, you would definitely need to have them linked, but that might not be good enough depending on how your system does file locking.

The COUNTER-1.0 system is defined in Vend::CounterFile and uses Vend::Util::lockfile, which uses Vend:File::lockfile which uses Vend::File::flock_lock which does a system call to flock (See http://perldoc.perl.org/functions/flock.html) to lock the file. Various comments in the code mention the importance of your system using flock for things to work. If your system uses flock you should be fine. If your system is set up to emulate file locking by creating separate lock files you may need to link the whole directory which contains the order.number and other counters. So each catalog has a variable set to tell IC to look for the order.number file in mycounterslink/order.number, where mycounterslink points to allcatalogs/. Then when the file locking system tries to create a lock file it will be in allcatalogs/order.number.lockfile which is shared, instead of mycatalog/order.number.lockfile which is not.

> Also, operational question. do you have to restart both stores when you update the one database?

"when you update" is a bit vague so I have three answers ...

If you change the data structure then you need to change the dbconf/mysql/...mysql and the products/....txt in both catalogs (or have them linked together). IC keeps the file configurations in each catalog (since normally they would be pointing to different files). So, each catalog would need to be restarted. (This is not a problem for my setup because I am lazy :) and always restart the whole ic server.) Note that this assumes you have already done the mysql alter to change tables in the mysql database.

But note that when I change the data structure I typically need to load new data also. So, I change the dbconf/mysql/whatever.mysql and products/whatever.txt files in *every* catalog, then delete the products/.whatever.sql and products/.whatever.autonumber in *one* catalog. I don't do a mysql alter to change the table structure in mysql. Deleting the .sql and .autonumber files makes Interchange do a mysql drop of the old table and create a new one in mysql, and populate it with data from products/whatever.txt. This only needs to be done by *one* of the catalogs.

Every night I import data into the products and inventory tables in the database using mysqlimport. Mysql deletes all the data and imports the new records. The structure is not changing so IC does not get confused by that. When you do any sort of search/query you are asking the database. So, the catalog does not need to know that the data underneath has changed. Mysql worries about that. No restarts are required.

Hope that helps,


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