[ic] CommonAdjust question

Kerry Blalock kerry at basicq.com
Wed Sep 12 11:30:06 UTC 2012

> I setup CommonAdjust to discount all items at 10% off some time ago. I
> recently decided to change the discount back to nothibg off and use
> instead the sale price field.
> I had issues with the pricing not showning correct in the cart, so I
> changes the CommonAdjust back to what I thought I had originally which is
> this:
> CommonAdjust   pricing:q2..q10000:, ;:sale_price, ;:price, ;$, :related,
> ==:options, -10%
> Is this correct, or am I missing anything at the end of the -10%?
> I am still having issues with the prices not being correct on some items.
> When I edit the item, or just open it in the item editoe and click OK, it
> fixes that item.
> Finding the items that are not showing correct price is hit and miss as I
> have to find it by checking it in the retail cart.
> I have restarted interchange on the server, but it did not fix the
> problem.
> I have over 3000 items so it is somewhat difficult to open each and every
> item to fix. Looking for a better way, any suggestions appreciated.
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Here is the code I have in the flypage to print regular price and Your
price that comes from sale_price.

[if-item-data products sale_price > 0] <td align="left"> [L]Regular
Price[/L]:<b>[currency][item-field price][/currency]</b> </td>
[/if-item-data] <td align="left"> [L]<font color="#000040">Your
Price</font>[/L]: <font color= "#ff0000"><b><font color=
"#ff0000">[item-price ]</font>

Usind 5.6.2 based on standard store.

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