[ic] Table Editor - Next Generation

Kaare Rasmussen kaare at jasonic.dk
Sat Dec 14 08:00:32 UTC 2013

Hi Racke

I gave the Table Editor a go. Not because I need it, but I appreciate 
all your work.
> We started a Table Editor project which consists of a lean API provided by a Dancer
> application and a JavaScript driven frontend based on Angular.
> To access your database you need a DBIx::Class schema,
> e.g. https://metacpan.org/pod/Interchange6::Schema.
> You can also generate one from your existing database.
> Only tables with primary keys are supported in the moment.

This suggests that you can edit any DBIC schema, not just an ic6 schema. 
Not sure it's true?
You certainly need a users table with a username and password to be able 
to login.

> Authentication is provided by Dancer::Plugin::Auth::Extensible, currently every
> user with a valid login can use the table editor. This will be changed of course
> so only admin users can do that.
The password has to be SHA-512. No clear text password support. Or 
perhaps there is a way to cheat this?

I know, I know. Passwords must be encrypted. But for testing, this was a 
bit of an obstacle.

> We are extremely grateful for any feedback on this. It is your project
> as Interchange user as well 8-).

The ui works fine. You can edit or create rows. I could wish for some 
enhancements regarding usability, but I'm not sure they are table editor 
or angular issues. Anyway, it's impressive as a first release, and it works.

The installation missed Dancer::Plugin::Auth::Extensible::Provider::DBIC 
in the requirements list.

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