[ic] View-Counter UserTag?

Gert van der Spoel gert at 3edge.com
Mon Jul 22 18:46:09 UTC 2013

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> Subject: [ic] View-Counter UserTag?
> Hi,
> I'm looking for a "View-Counter" UserTag in Interchange.
> We are in the process of tranferring our website to Interchange.
> I'm stumbling over an issue however.
> For our current website I programmed a simple perl script "counter.cgi"
> that writes the IP address of the visitor to a log file each time it is
> invoked.
> Via an <!--#include virtual=..--> we include this script into the page
> that we want to monitor.
> In Interchange I can't find a comparable UserTag however.
> I searched the Interchange coretags, UI, standard demo, CPAN, but no luck.
> It seems there is no "central repository" of Interchange UserTag
> contributions.
> Before I start coding myself..
> Did anyone make such a UserTag?


Have never used it, have no idea if it works, but if the description is
correct then this might do what you look for. I can imagine it is a too
broad counter and you might want a count per page or something. 

Other than that if I remember correctly the Interchange admin has some
facilities to show statistics, which perhaps gives more than just a basic
counter for a page.

And no there is no central repo of Tags.



> Thanks in advance!
> Marjan Waldorp,
> Tux4u.nl

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