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Josh Lavin josh at perusion.com
Tue Jul 30 14:08:07 UTC 2013

Quoting DB (db at m-and-d.com):
> I had a customer complain about having his cart's contents vanish
> after leaving my site and then returning after just a few minutes. I
> think this is normal behavior for IC, but I know that many sites
> like Aamazon for example will remember a cart's contents even if I
> close a browser and then go back much later. Can IC be made to
> behave this way?

You could also look at implementing a "memorized carts" feature, using a
cookie and a database. Basically, you could use CartTrigger to update
the database with every item they add or remove to their cart. Set the
id of the entry in a cookie with a long expiration. When a visitor
returns to the site, check for the cookie, and if present, reload the
items from the database into their cart (via Autoload).

Of course, you have to watch out for items that may have been in their
memorized cart but are now out of stock, or inactive.

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