[ic] Version 6

Mike Heins mike at perusion.com
Sat Oct 12 18:02:00 UTC 2013

Quoting Angela Barone (angela at italian-getaways.com):
> Good Morning,
> 	Is it possible to get a preview copy of version 6 to play with?  I'm very interested in it after reading the roadmap page.

The best that is available is:


I just returned from the Ecommerce Innovations conference in New York:


You'll be able to see some of the presentations online soon.

We discussed many issues around IC 6, and we have come together
toward a new effort in that direction. Many of the initiatives
will affect both legacy IC5 and the newer Nitesi/Interchange 5.

There are limited facilities for a HOWTO and self-install
right now, but you can surely get help on IRC:



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