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Sam Batschelet sbatschelet at mac.com
Mon Oct 14 15:15:14 UTC 2013

Interchange Community,

The first annual Ecommerce Innovation conference at West Branch Resort in Hancock NY was a huge success.  The goal was to bring together the Interchange community of business owners, users, and developers to gain support for Interchange 6.  Under the watchful eye of Interchange pioneer Mike Heins IC6 architect Stefan Hornburg “Racke” described the Dancer, NITESI framework and future plans for Interchange.  The response from attendees was tremendous!

The result is we are proud to announce Interchange’s intentions to show off IC6 at LinuxTag 2014 in Berlin Germany.  This will be a monumental task and for this to be achieved we will need your support.  Over the next few weeks we will publish our roadmap to IC6 at LinuxTag.  The mission is simple bring modern Perl and the Interchange platform back into the spotlight.  What better place to do this than LinuxTag! 

Few other conference highlights:

** Mike Heins of Perusion showed off a Dancer based firewalled payment middleware system.  Get PCI compliment in just a few minutes and sleep at night knowing your business’s payment system is 100% secure.

** Sam Batschelet showed off the Camps development platform and described some new features including integration of modern Perl tools Carton and Perlbrew.  Camps is planned to be the official development platform for Interchange 6. 

** Richard Templet of Endpoint described in detail the methods to accomplish effective multi site setup in Interchange.

** Jure Kodžoman of Informa showed off the new Dancer template engine Template::Flute and  demoed of his vision for the new IC6 Admin.

** Josh Lavin of Perusion released Strap a new template for IC5 which revamps the standard template and bases it's HTML on the popular Bootstrap Framework. 

** Mark Johnson of Endpoint described a soon to be released full-page caching feature for Interchange 5.  This feature allows resources to be massively scalable through a CDN and providing a strong barrier to DDOS attacks.

We also have video and full slide presentations of each talk at the event which will be posted to the event website soon. http://act.ecommerce-innovation.com/eic2013/

I for one came out of this conference with glowing confidence.  Seeing the Interchange community travel from around the world to rally for Interchange 6 was very inspiring.  We are already talking about plans for the event next year.  I look forward to keeping everyone filled in on our progress as we move towards IC6. Be looking out for more information on how to get involved soon!  


Sam Batschelet

Team IC6

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