[ic] UI menu_editor

Josh Lavin josh at perusion.com
Wed Apr 30 20:47:09 UTC 2014

Quoting Salvador Caballe (scaballe at gmail.com):
> In IC version 5.8.1, the UI menu_editor, not update correctly the
> 'TREE' table the '&' char is changed with '%26' when "publish" and
> then search links not longer work.

Can you explain in which field you are trying to insert the ampersand
character? Is it in the "Page" field or are you inserting your CGI
params into the "Form values" field?

It's not gonna work if you put it in the Page field... That's what "Form
values" is for:

	Page: mypage
	Form values:

Yields: mypage.html?foo=bar&buz=baz

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