[ic] UI menu_editor

EA3KZ Salvador Caballé scaballe at gmail.com
Wed Apr 30 22:12:22 UTC 2014

El 30/04/14 22:47, Josh Lavin ha escrit:
> Quoting Salvador Caballe (scaballe at gmail.com):
>> In IC version 5.8.1, the UI menu_editor, not update correctly the
>> 'TREE' table the '&' char is changed with '%26' when "publish" and
>> then search links not longer work.
> Can you explain in which field you are trying to insert the ampersand
> character? Is it in the "Page" field or are you inserting your CGI
> params into the "Form values" field?
> It's not gonna work if you put it in the Page field... That's what "Form
> values" is for:
> 	Page: mypage
> 	Form values:
> 		foo=bar
> 		buz=baz
> Yields: mypage.html?foo=bar&buz=baz


The problem is in  the form field:



is saved as:



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