[ic] undefined carts on upgrade

David Etheredge David_e at charter.net
Thu Jan 2 05:30:14 UTC 2014

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Additional updates:

I enabled some of the error logging in Vend::Table::DBI and am getting the 

Vend::Table::DBI:debug: tree: DBI didn't die, bad=
table pay_cert_redeem created: create table pay_cert_redeem (
code varchar(32) NOT NULL PRIMARY KEY,
pay_id varchar(32) NOT NULL,
link_tid varchar(32) NOT NULL,
trans_date char(128),
ip_addr varchar(64) NOT NULL,
trans_type varchar(64) NOT NULL,
voided int DEFAULT 0,
captured int DEFAULT 0,
username varchar(64),
amount decimal(12,2) NOT NULL,
items text

' in /home/ezclang/catalogs/ezclang/products/pay_cert_redeem.autonumber at 
/usr/local/interchange/lib/Vend/Table/DBI.pm line 575.

Vend::Table::DBI:debug: Cannot create AutoNumberCounter:
Vend::Table::DBI:debug: bad= connecting to dbi:Pg:dbname=ezclark
Vend::Table::DBI:debug: pay_cert_redeem: DBI didn't die, bad=

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