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Interchange documentation

Existing users should refer to the UPGRADE document for information on incompatible changes and upgrade instructions. For an exhaustive list of changes, see the WHATSNEW document from the previous development series.

For upgrades from legacy code (from MiniVend to Interchange 5.0), see the Upgrading document in our documentation set.

Building documentation from source

You can browse the documentation source repository using our GitHub repository. To build the documentation yourself, you need to clone your own local copy, as follows:

git clone

You should then read the README file for build instructions and a list of prerequisites.

Helping with the documentation

There are many ways you can help with the documentation.

You can fork our xmldocs project on GitHub and publish changes in your own fork. For an introduction to our build system and ways to write documentation, see README and WRITING. To get more deeply involved in DocBook XML, see DocBook and

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What Interchange users are saying:

“Interchange” indeed! — It has powered the Department of State’s Vienna Training Office’s database for 7 years uninterrupted.

Greg Goble, EUR/PPD-VTO

See other endorsements of Interchange.