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Downloading Interchange

Before downloading, you can try out our Online demo.

The current stable release of Interchange is 5.10.0.
The current development release of Interchange is 5.11.0.
(For documentation downloads, please see Documentation.)

For a successful involvement with Interchange, consider subscribing to some of the Public Interchange Mailing Lists.

Existing users should refer to the UPGRADE document for information on incompatible changes and upgrade instructions. For an exhaustive list of changes, see the WHATSNEW document from the previous development series. For upgrades from legacy code (from MiniVend to Interchange 5.0), see the Upgrading document in our documentation set.

Stable releases

Cross-platform packages

interchange-5.10.0.tar.gz, interchange-5.10.0.tar.bz2, interchange-5.10.0.tar.xz, and other releases


GnuPG keys of Interchange developers are available to maintain communication privacy and validate digital signatures.

Debian GNU packages

Debian GNU package users should first read the README.debian file. You can find the packages and apt-get setup instructions in a separate directory (you can also browse the top-level directory for other versions).

Latest Debian GNU packaged version is: 5.6.0

RPM packages

RPM package users should first read the Binary (S)RPM README file. You can find the packages in a RPM and SRPM directories.

Latest RPM packaged version is: 5.2.0
Latest SRPM packaged version is: 5.2.0

Development code

Source code repository (Git)

You can browse the source code and see changes made to it over time using our GitHub repository. You can also use a Git client to download a copy of the repository to your computer:

git clone

Everyone is welcome to contribute to the project by forking our GitHub repository, committing changes to their own GitHub fork, and making a pull request to us. Or send us a patch. Either way, discuss your changes with us on the interchange-users mailing list.

Developer builds

interchange-nightly.tar.gz, other nightly builds, preview releases

Chronological overview of past Interchange releases

You can see the chronological list of past Interchange releases (along with announcement texts and download links) on our releases page.

Legacy Information

We keep legacy packages of Minivend 4, Tallyman, Minivend 3, Minivend 2, Minivend 1, and even Vend available for download.

You can also browse the Git repositories for MiniVend (including Vend) and Tallyman at our GitHub account.

Users & Developers