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Thousands of developers have implemented great sites on Interchange since 1995. Here we have a sampling of sites from companies large and small, spanning many industries. There are currently 178 sites listed.

If there's a site that you've created or that you're aware of that should be listed here, please let us know about it with a GitHub pull request on the interchange/devsite repository.

Disclaimer: Our listing of these sites is not an endorsement by the Interchange Development Group. All sites are the responsibility of their respective owners, and we cannot guarantee the proper functioning of or quality of service provided by these sites.

About Interchange

Cross-Section of Noteworthy Interchange Implementations

Air Delights
By: in-house staff and End Point
Live links to Quickbooks, FedEx, and UPS; extensive CMS features

American Spaces eShop
U.S. Department of State
By: LinuXia, Informa
Provides books, games, video, audio and other media to American Spaces around the world. First site running Interchange 6 featuring modern design, live chat and interfaces to LibraryThing and ISBNDB.

American Welding Society
By: End Point
Online exam system, education gradebook, event registration, etc.
By: in-house staff and End Point
Extensive back-end warehousing, purchasing, and fulfillment system is in Interchange
Championship Productions, Inc.
By: Bergan Consulting
ratings, reviews, user-submitted content, integrated forum

Bluestone Perennials
By: End Point
PCI-hardened gateway, Constant Contact links, links to accounting software

Bookshop Krisostomus
Ebooks, local payment methods (EUR, LVL, LTL), language choice of English, Estonian, Latvian, or Lithuanian

By: in-house staff and End Point
Interchange used for pricing and ordering web services and admin back-end

Dive Malta
By: Peter Mottram
Built using Interchange 6

DVDupgrades + highdefinition
By: Frederic Steinfels
fancy menus, Ajax chat
By: in-house staff and End Point
By: in-house staff and End Point

National Braille Press
By: End Point
Specially designed for accessibility with screen reader software, and customization features for low-vision users.

Paper Source
By: End Point
Magento integrated with custom Interchange functionality

Penn Herb Company, Ltd.
By: End Point
Mobile site also ( from non-mobile browser)

By: Edge Marketing

Tailored Lighting, Inc.

By: Kyle Cook
Custom admin, payment and shipping modules. Integrated with dozens of different services (product feeds, search providers, analytics, UPS, etc)

Tiger District
By: End Point
SEO-friendly URLs, multiple images per products, multi-site infrastructure

Toner Store
By: End Point
Great "toner finder" navigation scheme. One cartridge may fit many printers.

By: End Point
Backend fulfillment processes, inventory management, bar coded shipping process, Amazon integration

Waterloo Store
University of Waterloo

Other Sites Using Interchange Technology