[ic] scratch variables in session (or: pointer to docs on sessions)

Doug Alcorn [email protected]
20 Sep 2000 08:31:57 -0400

Doug Alcorn <[email protected]> writes:

> What I really want to do is have a form that sets an arbitrary
> variable and have this variable persist across that customer's
> session.  

I assume since this is the third time I've asked this question and
gotten no responce that this can't be done (outside of manually
creating my own cookies).

I think the biggest shortcomine of minivend/interchange is the
documentation.  While there are many pages of docs on the web, they
are not presented in a way to bring a new users up to speed.  The
questions not answered in the docs are the "How do I ..." questions.
There is no talk at all about how to create new catalogs types.  There
is no talk at all about how to create new color schemes for any of the
existing catalog types.  Maybe what is missing is just that the
catalog types themselves need documentation.  How are specific pages
getting generated?  What files are involved?  What is a session and
how can I take advantage of it?

MML is a programming language.  It's documentation should treat it as
such.  Currently what we have is a stripped down ANSI standard.  What
is needed is something to teach the new language.
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