[ic] freebsd IC blank pages and premature end of script headers

Bill Beecham bill_beecham at hotmail.com
Mon Aug 21 14:17:44 EDT 2006

On 08/20/2006 07:29 PM, Bill Beecham wrote:
>Well I took your advice and installed 5.4.1 and it still does the exact 
>same thing. I did decide to view the raw web output of the blank pages. The 
>pages actually are a server 500 error, plus it says it had trouble 
>displaying an error page for the error page. Whatever that means.

Basically it means that you have a directive in your web server
configuration file that points to a page or another CGI script to handle
500 errors and the web server was not able to find that page.  It's
something you should fix, but probably not directly related to the
problem at hand.

>So why would the admin section somewhat work, the checkout page work, but 
>not the rest of the catalog? Also, my link file is only like 7,116 bytes in 
>size. Does that sound right? I thought they were bigger, like almost 80k. 

They can vary from around 6k to 12k or so depending largely on the
compiler used to build it.  Your link program could be the problem, but
it's doubtful if you can access the admin UI.

>This has me stumped. Would it be a path problem if part of the catalog 
>works and part does not? I wouldn't think it was a permission problem, but 
>I do still get the premature end of script headers and I cannot figure out 
>why. My regular document root files work and show up fine, so does php. Php 
>works with mysql as well.

I'm assuming that your webserver is apache, is that correct?  Which
version?  Can you post the <VirtualHost> section for the domain that
your IC catalog is running on?

>So, I have an error 500 and premature end of script headers for index, and 
>every other file in the catalog but the admin section and the 
>checkout.html. Not sure why my pages are blank, the server should be able 
>to show a 500 file for the 500 error. It shows one for the 404. Not 
>concerned about the error page.

I'm not too concerned about the error page either, but it's good to
establish that it is indeed a 500 error.



There is no virtual host. This is my own server completley dedicated the 
catalog that will hopefully get finished soon. Exactly what info do you want 
from the httpd.conf file? I can post that info for you. Otherwise it's a 
looooonng file.

All the paths used in IC makecat were taken directly from the httpd.conf 
file. And I notice that on top of the checkout page working when I manually 
type in the url to it the 
login.html,new_account.html,lost_password.html,help.html, and a few other 
pages work beautifully. If I didn't know any better I would say I get the 
500 error and resulting premature end of script headers only when a file 
contains a directive to pull something from the database. Yet mysql works 
fine and is fully populated with the demo items. I suppose I could write a 
page of my own using the ic tags and such to access the database and pull 
items and see if that one craps out. That would at the very least tell me 
for sure if it is the attempted access of the data that seems to be causing 
the errors. Though I can't figure out why it would crap out when interchange 
was capable of creating the mysql databases and populating them with data.

There has to be some little something I'm not seeing or not accounting for 
in some way. I'm almost positive it is not a path problem else the few pages 
that do work would not work becaue the path is the path.

The link file (/cgi-bin/catalogname) must be okay permission-wise else it 
wouldn't work for those pages that do show up.

If it were a perl module it would probably be one that has to do with the 
databases, yet in order for those db's to be created to begin with the 
modules must be there and working, unless my logic is little fuzzy (pun 

Let me know exactly what parts of the .conf you need to see and I will post 




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