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Peter peter at pajamian.dhs.org
Wed Nov 4 10:44:37 UTC 2009

On 11/03/2009 02:17 PM, Suzane Vecchio wrote:
> I am the owner of an online shopping site www.ny-beauty-secrets.com
> <http://www.ny-beauty-secrets.com>. The host for my site has been
> Netwave Designs(James Nemeth). He let my domain name with
> godaddy.com expire ( ! ) As well all of his contact information has been
> disconnected or terminated. My businees has been immediately shut down!
> As well I cannot access any of my files or customer orders thru the
> Interchange. The shopping cart as well is affected. Netwave also owns my
> other (active) domain name www.nybeautysecrets.com
> <http://www.nybeautysecrets.com> which I understand from godaddy.com is
> active until 8/2010. I would like to know if you would be able to help
> me to access the Interchange and gain access to all my information. I
> would like to be able to continue with your services. Is there a way I
> can avoid the timely process of rebuilding an entire site? 

Well you seem to have two problems.  One is the domain names and the
second is the loss of your site and data.  Checking the whois records
for those two domains they are indeed registered to Netwave, so unless
you can contact him and get him to release the domain names you are
stuck with either (1) waiting for the grace period to end and hoping
that you can register them yourself before a domain squatter gets them,
or (2) initiating the domain dispute process which is very expensive
(we're talking a couple thousand dollars per domain iirc).

As for the data itself, if you have a backup of the site and data then
that can be used depending on how complete the backup is.  Otherwise if
you have access to the admin UI you may be able to copy quite a bit of
the pages and other data off from there, but it probably won't be
complete.  If you have some form of file or shell access to the server
then you can probably get more data off.  I can certainly help you with
this in terms of recovering as much data as possible.

Please feel free to email me directly to discuss the options available
or join #interchange on irc.icdevgroup.org and there will be someone
there who can help.


Peter Ajamian

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