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  • Interchange 5.4 (stable) release schedule

    Posted on October 18, 2005 by Jon Jensen

    The Interchange Development Group would like to announce the schedule we have planned to release Interchange 5.4, the next stable version, by the end of the year.

    Starting immediately, we encourage use of the nightly builds as “alpha releases” to see what’s coming. A new build is available every day at:

    Then some milestones leading to Interchange 5.4:

    November 7:

    • Feature freeze begins
    • Release Interchange 5.3.2 (beta 1)
    • Encourage its use for new projects (the core team has already been using it for some time)

    November 28:

    • Code freeze begins — only patches for serious bugs or problems accepted
    • Release Interchange 5.3.3 (beta 2)

    December 12-16:

    • Build and test final release packages

    December 19:

    • Release Interchange 5.4.0
    • Make public announcements

    We will appreciate any help you can lend with testing and feedback.


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