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  • Interchange 5.10.0 Released!

    Posted on January 6, 2016 by David Christensen

    The Interchange Development Group is proud to announce the immediate release of the latest major version of Interchange; Interchange 5.10.0. This version of interchange includes the Strap template as the new default template, full Bcrypt support, additional payment gateway support, and more.

    Strap uses the latest version of the popular Bootstrap Framework, which provides easy mobile-friendly (responsive) design, and allows for customization of the look and feel.

    The features of Strap include SEO-friendly category and “more” pages, better gift certificate support, checkout pages that have been revamped with usability in mind, and general catalog cleanup, among others.

    See the WHATSNEW file for complete details. We recommend new development be done with this version, and all users of older versions of Interchange should upgrade after testing their catalogs in a test environment.

    Packages are available for download now.

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