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  • New Developers pajamian and thunder

    Posted on August 28, 2006 by Stefan Hornburg

    Two new developers recently joined the ICDEVGROUP, Peter Ajamian aka pajamian and Gert van der Spoel aka thunder.

    Peter Ajamian is originally from Southern California and now resides in New Zealand. His Interchange experience dates back till 2002. He helped out several people on the mailing list and supplied a couple of patches for Interchange. Peter’s first submission as an Interchange developer was the integration of the NetBilling payment gateway.

    Gert van der Spoel is a Dutch developer who started with Interchange in 1999. Gert freshly opened up a company in Greece. He contributed the Greek translation for the UI and plans to work on the UTF-8 integration for Interchange.

    Both are regulars on the #interchange IRC channel.

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