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  • Back from LinuxTag

    Posted on June 1, 2008 by Stefan Hornburg

    The 14th LinuxTag closed the doors yesterday. We had a lot of interesting talks at the booth, ran a two hour project workshop and discussed Interchange development day and night.

    The Interchange booth featured a banner across the wall, a big Interchange hanging logo, six-page brochures and a monitor running a slide show. It was well received by the visitors and the LinuxTag project team. Visitors from Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Netherlands and other countries were attracted and equipped with an Interchange mug, which was a favorite among the visitors.

    Thanks to everyone who helped Interchange to be present at LinuxTag, especially Jonathan Clark and Gert van der Spoel for covering the expenses. Without their help our presence would be much less notable.

    The second time Interchange exhibited at LinuxTag was a great success and we want to continue this experience next year. We hope to see more developers and users join us in sharing ideas with us. Therefore we will offer 2009 an extended workshop targeted specifically at our users.

    Booth Team:
    Stefan Hornburg (Germany), Jon Jensen (End Point, USA), Ton Verhagen (Alamerce, Netherlands), Davor Ocelić (Spinlock, Croatia), Jure Kodžoman (Tenalt, Slovenia), Sebastian Kliess (MBS, Germany), Falk Neubert (Ecoservice, Germany).

    Jonathan Clark, Webmaint, Great Britain
    Gert van der Spoel, Greece/Netherlands

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