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  • eCommerce Innovations 2013 Conference

    Posted on 18-Mar-2013 by Stefan Hornburg

    We are organizing an e-commerce conference for the Interchange community in October 2013 at the West Branch Resort in Hancock, NY. The conference program is planned as follows:

    • 8th October: Pre-conference program (Training)
    • 9th-10th October: Main conference
    • 11th October: Post-conference program (Free consultations, Hackathon)

    The conference focuses on Open Source software and general topics regarding eCommerce (Payment / PCI-DSS, ERP, Best Practices, Usability, SEO, ...).

    Speakers well known to the Interchange community are covering Interchange 5/6, Dancer, Modern Perl and modules related to eCommerce like Business::OnlinePayment. More details are coming soon.

    If you are thinking about participating as an attendee, speaker, or sponsor, please let us know at [email protected]. Space is limited, so don't hesitate for too long :-).

    Questions and feedback are welcome on the [email protected] mailing list.

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