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  • Payflow Pro legacy API retirement on September 1

    Posted on August 12, 2009 by Jon Jensen

    This is an important note for anyone using the legacy Payflow Pro API for payments. This was formerly owned by Signio, then Verisign, and now is owned by PayPal, but is distinct from their classic PayPal system which is not related.

    On September 1, 2009, the old Payflow Pro API will be shut off and any attempt to take payments or do anything else via that API will fail. This affects all applications using the old API, not just Interchange.

    If you’re using the “signio” payment module in Interchange, you should switch to the new “payflowpro” module as soon as possible. You can see the latest version of the Vend::Payment::PayflowPro module in our Git repository and then click on the “raw” link at the top to download it without any extraneous markup.

    If you need assistance in making the switch, use our Community Resources page to talk with Interchange developers via mailing list or chat, or see the Professional Support page to find developers for hire who can take care of it for you.

    Most merchants and developers were alerted long ago by PayPal or via other sources, but we wanted to get the word out one last time since only 19 days remain to make the change.

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