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  • Interchange 4.8.3 released

    Posted on 28-Nov-2001 by Mike Heins

    Interchange 4.8.3 is now available! You can download it now. This release includes many improvements. Some of the more important are:

    • Bank of America payment module added
    • New admin UI locales for Hebrew, Japanese, and Brazilian Portuguese
    • Fix crash of page servers in PreFork mode
    • Changes to limit exposure to cross-site JavaScript vulnerabilities
    • Fix frac_digits rounding problem when using no fractional digits
    • Workaround for FreeBSD’s stock Perl $0 handling
    • Documentation improvements (ictags, ic_ecommerce, ic_howto_cvs)
    • New filter restrict_html and "filter" order check type

    See the full list of changes in the WHATSNEW file.

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