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  • Interchange 4.9.1 alpha released

    Posted on July 22, 2002 by Mike Heins

    We’re pleased to release the first alpha test version of Interchange 4.9.

    If you’d like to see where we’re headed for the next major release of Interchange, help test it, marvel at possibly broken software, test your catalogs under a bleeding-edge version of Interchange, and report bugs, please download a copy and try it out on a spare machine.

    Please note: We do not recommend using this software for production sites, and we certainly do not recommend anyone upgrade from an earlier version to this test release. You have been warned.

    Those who remain undaunted can download the standard cross-platform tarball, RPMs for Red Hat Linux 7.2 and 7.3 (which may also work on other RPM-based Linux distributions), a source RPM for building your own RPMs, and eventually Debian packages too.

    A full list of recent changes appears in the WHATSNEW file.

    We’d love to have you report back to the interchange-users mailing list with any questions, comments, patches, etc.

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