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  • Interchange 5.4.2 released

    Posted on 07-Feb-2007 by Stefan Hornburg

    The Interchange Development Group is pleased to announce the release of Interchange 5.4.2, the latest production-ready version of our web application server. This is a maintenance release and upgrading from Interchange 5.4.0 should present no compatibility problems. The main changes are: * Fixed a DoS exploit caused by carefully crafted HTTP POST requests. * Worked around apparent Perl bug that allowed code called by DispatchRoutines to overwrite the routines arrays themselves. * Fixed [sql-quote] sub-tag of the [query] tag, which didn't work for multi-line column data. * Fixed masking of unencrypted credit card numbers to work with a custom MV_CREDIT_CARD_INFO_TEMPLATE that does not match the regexp. Also fixed the regexp so it removes the CVV2 value from the unencrypted data. * Fixed shipping problem with the temporary mv_shipping cart, which could cause trouble in cart recalculations. * Made get_option_hash return a copy when passed a reference. * Don't run check_sub on POSTAUTH for Linkpoint. * Made &and and &or profile commands work when alone on a line between two profile checks. * Increased XHTML compatibility and fixed some CSS. * Various admin, Standard demo, and Debian package fixes. Stefan Hornburg (Racke) Interchange Development Group

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