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  • Interchange 5.5.3 development released

    Posted on May 17, 2008 by Jon Jensen

    The Interchange Development Group is pleased to announce the release of Interchange 5.5.3. We expect this to be the last development release on the road to Interchange 5.6.0. Please take a few minutes to download this development release, install it, test it, and report your experience (along with your operating system, CPU type, Perl version, database, etc.) to the interchange-users mailing list.

    Make sure to read the UPGRADE document for information about upgrade procedures and incompatible changes introduced by this development release.

    Notable changes since Interchange 5.5.2:

    • Added control of “upsert” behavior to the database abstraction layer.
    • You can now require insert-only or update-only behavior, as well as upsert, which remains the default.
    • Allow the table editor to use a different widget type when the data is empty, for example to show a date or time field when a value exists, but a data or time select box if not.
    • Removed copied CPAN modules from the extra/ directory:
      • Business::UPS - part of Bundle::InterchangeKitchenSink
      • File::Spec - now distributed with Perl itself
      • Tie::ShadowHash - part of Bundle::Interchange
      • URI::URL - part of Bundle::Interchange
    • Added a new tool “iclint” for quick-and-dirty ITL syntax checking.

    The software and a more detailed change log are available here.

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