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  • Interchange 6 Hackathon

    Posted on February 26, 2014 by Jure Kodžoman

    A small group of IC developers will be meeting in Hancock, NY on an IC6 Hackathon. If anyone is interested in joining us, we are there from 6-13 of March.

    It will be a good opportunity to learn about IC6 and exchange experiences with fellow IC developers.

    Stefan Hornburg, Bill Carr, Sam Batschelet and myself have confirmed so far.

    Best regards and hoping to see you there!

    —Jure Kodzoman

    [Postscript: For those who are afraid of the backwoods and struggling to share the nights at the firepits with us 8-), we will hang out on freenode #interchange throughout the hackathon. —Stefan Hornburg]

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