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  • Perusion developers release two new Bootstrap based templates for use with Interchange

    Posted on June 25, 2014 by Mike Heins

    These templates are meant to be dropped into your existing Interchange directory, and can then be chosen to be used when creating a new catalog (makecat).

    Perusion has put up demonstration sites for both versions, which are named “Strap” (based on Bootstrap 2.3.2) and “Strap30” (based on Bootstrap 3.1.1). In addition, both templates are available for download or git cloning on GitHub here.

    Both templates are vast improvements over the older “standard” template currently in use with Interchange. They both are completely HTML5 based, include jQuery by default, have been optimized for basic SEO as well as page load speed. Both will display properly with just the Bootstrap.css file, which allows you to simply drop in future Bootstrap CSS to stay current.

    There are far too many improvements and changes to list here, so for a more in depth comparison and description of the templates, visit the demos page.

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