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  • Domain and server move

    Posted on November 22, 2018 by Jon Jensen

    The Interchange project has moved from the domain to the domain. The old domain was familiar and comfortable after being used for 16 years, but we decided to move because the new domain is more self-descriptive of what the Interchange software is all about: ecommerce.

    Hosting for the Interchange project has also moved to a new server. The old server worked faithfully for over 11 years but its software stack had become very outdated. The new server is running Debian 9, the latest pre-release Interchange code from Git, Perl 5.24, MariaDB 10.1, current Mailman, etc.

    The Interchange and related Git repositories have long been mirrored to GitHub, and for several years we have been using GitHub issues for bug reporting. Now we have made GitHub the canonical location for the repositories and retired our own Git and Gitweb services. See the download page for the new URLs to use.

    We have also begun serving the entire site over HTTPS and are using the Cloudflare CDN for DNS, caching, and performance.

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