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  • Ecommerce Innovation conference report

    Posted on October 30, 2013 by Jon Jensen

    A few weeks have passed since the Ecommerce Innovation conference took place from October 8-11 in Hancock, New York at the beautiful West Branch Angler resort. Many areas of ecommerce were covered, including new directions in Perl ecommerce with Interchange 6, new approaches using classic Interchange 5, 3rd party integration, marketing, payment solutions, and customer service.

    Richard Templet wrote a report on the whole conference.

    A list of all the conference talks is available, and most have slides for viewing online too. The talk videos are also available.

    Thanks to everyone who organized, presented talks, and attended the conference. It has already resulted in a burst of renewed activity around Interchange 6 development efforts and we look forward to seeing that bear fruit soon.

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